Publish your books with us

Publishing with us is extremely simple. If you already have published your work on your blog etc. email us the link and we will automatically publish your content on our site. You can also email your articles to 

You can also publish your articles by signing up on our website. The interface is simple and is very similar to the blogging platforms. 

You can also send your content to us on Telegram app by joining this group.


Do I get paid for publishing on bookstruck ? 

No bookstruck does not pay anyone to publish work on our platform.

Do I have to pay you for publishing my work in your app ? 

No. It is free for you.

Why should I publish with bookstruck ? 

Bookstruck is mostly run by volunteers who are passionate about stories. From our developers to editors everyone is working for free for the love of the books and stories. We have a large organic community of readers and authors across all major social media platforms and we can instantly promote your content to them. 

Can I take down my content from your site in future if I chose so ? 

Yes. You can always email us and we will take down the content as soon as possible. 

Do you share or sell my data to anyone ? 

We do not sell your data to anyone other than bookstruck properties. Bookstruck's engineering team consists of engineers who have worked for Google, IIT Bombay etc. and have built a solid and secure infrastructure to keep your data safe. The privacy policy has more details about our data policies. 

How do I report copyright violations on Bookstruck ? 

Bookstruck is subject to American copyright law and takes copyright violation very seriously. All the content on bookstruck is user submited and follows DMCA takedown process if you wish to take down the content. Please send us violation reports on along with the evidence that you have the right to send such reports. 

Why does your website mention Hindi as Rashtra Bhasha ? 

Hindi is commonly refered to as rashtra bhasha, it is irrelevant to us what the laws of different countries to states might have to say on this matter as this is not a legal opinion from our part but a mere adjactive. Sanskrit for example is called Dev-bhasha but again legally that is not really anyone can prove. We appreciate your thoughts on this matter and want to convey that we have nothing but deepest respect and great love for all Indian languages.